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The reviews are coming in on the PremierAcoustic line, and they are overwhelmingly positive. Below are the three reviews so far. Each review below is highly condensed - to read the entirety of the reviews (and it is well worth it), follow the links. Each time a new review comes out, we'll place it on this page.

This review is from Audiophile Audition. A great review, especially for lovers of classical music. To read the entire review, click here.

Premier Acoustics PA-6F Home Theater Speaker System
Writing about Premier Acoustic's PA-6F Home Theater System turned out to be as challenging as writing about any of the above superficially far more complex musical instruments. Not because Premier Acoustics’ home theater system turned out be anything less than superb. In fact, there has been a suspicion that Premier has built upon the standards for sound reproduction laid down by many of the historically most important companies as well as their current competition. For example, you can hear how strongly Premier competes against competitors like Klipsch who, with their history of horn-loaded systems, represent in a sense the heritage of those giant Patricians.

Writing about the PA-6F has turned out to be challenging for a reason that has not existed prior to the recent development of the multichannel Super Audio CD and the arrival of the multichannel DVD as the standard for video. The result has been that sizing up the PA-6F under such circumstances has been so musically exciting that listening to new releases as they arrive, and old favorites as they wait on the shelves, has become totally addictive.

The two beautiful towers handled power effortlessly and, even without the subwoofer that is added for multichannel listening in the home theater array, they growled and thumped convincingly, whether it was the string bass in the Oscar Petersen cut, or the monstrously low brass and percussion in the Holst. When, on occasion, they lacked the last ounce of bass, they didn’t go ballistic but handled the situation with elegance and grace. They were transparent to a wonderful degree both on the Bach Variations and the Schubert-Liszt transcriptions, most impressive since the piano remains the most difficult instrument to reproduce, and on the Vivaldi, enabling the strands of inner detail to be heard without over-accentuating them.

The specifications for each of the six speakers are not the only things that are beautiful about the PA-6F. The system available in black or cherry (real wood, too), with both the top and bottom sides of the cabinets custom finished in a black, high gloss piano lacquer. So, not only do these speakers sound the best in their class, they bring style to any room in your home. In fact, ever since the PA-6F arrived in our home for its trial run, my wife has been not so subtly hinting how nice it would be if we left the Spendors in the closet.

The PA-12W powered subwoofer is a spectacular performer, discreet when it needs to just subtly enhance the low end of a solo cello, or totally out of its mind when Also sprach Zarathustra calls out for those low, low organ tones. It also handles huge explosions, the footsteps of dinosaurs, or just strong bass guitar and drums. The alignment of a large 12" polygraphite woofer, and a built in 500 watt amp makes this sub fill any room with clear bass. And Premier has provided easy to use controls to tune the PA-12W. An adjustable crossover custom sets the frequency response, a volume control sets the output, and an auto on/off switch power on the PA- 12W as soon as the slightest hint of bass hits your LFE track.

Oh yes, I promised to let you know how the PA-6F performed on multichannel SACDs and multichannel DVDs. In a word, breathtaking. No, make that stunning. For the testing, I used a Sony DVP-NS755V and Outlaw’s versatile and user-friendly 1070 receiver, with 65 watts per channel into 8 ohms (more on the 1070 in a separate review).

The results were so spectacular that it became very difficult to return to simple audio discs. Somehow, the added visual element enhanced the listening experience in a deeply subtle way. The PA-6F system is immensely impressive, with a transparency that removes any barriers between the music and the listener.

Wrap Up
Premier likes to compare their PA-6F to Polk Audio, who by using the same tweeter is able to boast of a similar frequency response, and Klipsch, who use the gold polygraphite woofer. The cabinet design, Premier likes to say, is similar to Boston Acoustic and Energy. But I say, just because it sounds great, and equals its competition, how much does it cost?

The answer is: About half of the price of similar systems from (for the time being), more well-known speaker manufacturers such as Polk and Klipsch. Although Premier Acoustic’s suggested list price for the PA-6F is $1989.00, it can be widely found online from factory authorized dealers for $999.00 delivered (that means that the shipping is free). If you bought a similar system from manufacturers like Boston Acoustic, Polk, Energy and Klipsch, the price would be over $2500.00. And Premier also offers a full 5-year factory warranty.

This review is from Hometheaterfocus.com. It is an 8 page, very detailed review that can be found here. To read the entire review, click here.

Who is Premier Acoustics?

At the top of Premier Acoustics' line of Home Theater Speaker Systems is the PA-6F. The system is named after the PA-6F front speaker it uses, which is the largest front speaker in Premier Acoustics' inventory.

The fronts are tower speakers, model PA-6F, and feature two 6.5 inch polygraphite woofers and a 1 inch soft dome tweeter. The surrounds are model PA-6S. The 6.5 inch woofers on the 6S are angled at approximately 90 degrees to radiate sound behind the audience. This design is popular among surround speakers because it's good at diffusing sound; it makes it difficult for the audience to localize the sound's source, which is a critical element in successful execution of the surround sound effect. The PA-6S models are suited for smaller rooms where the audience will likely be sitting closer to the speakers.

The center speaker is the model 6C, a curious M-T-M (Midrange - Tweeter - Midrange) design. The midrange drivers looked like they might be spaced too far apart to provide proper dispersion into the audience - I was ready for light or hollow sounding midrange from the center channel speaker that couldn't articulate voices. But the 6C provided enough clear midrange that I never felt left out of the conversation.

Each speaker is a combination of handsome design and practical esthetic that will fit easily in most rooms. Premiere Acoustics paid attention to the details by integrating an attractive black piano gloss finish into their design, and even ensuring that the front tower speaker (the largest of the bunch) leaves only a small footprint on your floor. The surrounds can be wall mounted or placed on a shelf or stand. The center speaker at only 22 lbs and 21.9 inches in length, should easily fit on a modest shelf or on a stand on top of most projection TVs, without imposing on the room.

The PA-6W is a powered sub, featuring a 12 inch driver with a 200 Watt amp that is capable of shaking most rooms. The Premiere Acoustics sub compares favorably to the big brands, when you consider that its price is less than half for only a minor step down in performance - in fact, this is a common theme among the entire Premiere Acoustics line. The PA-6W Subwoofer is clearly more capable of producing louder, low-frequency effects than some of the comparably priced name brand subs I've heard that come with bookshelf 5.1 kits.

Testing Room

The music of Dead can Dance is an eclectic mix of vocals by Lisa Gerard and Brendan Perry and a variety of world instrumentation. (Lisa Gerard's chanting vocals have been heard on the soundtracks of films by Michael Mann as well as Ridley Scott's Gladiator.) Into the Labyrinth was a perfect test of the front speaker's soundstage. Any speaker system can present the illusion of a church hall's harmonics when playing back through 5.1 speakers through Dolby Pro Logic II. The PA-6F pulled off the illusion adequately in 2.0 and 2.1 modes.

The PA-6F front speakers performed remarkably, as I was expecting noticeable loss of low end when unaccompanied by a sub. Although bass is not a strength with these speakers, the complete kit does include a sub. The strength in this case is definitely the soundstage.

The speakers were at their best when presenting the middle highs of the human voice, and Gerard's voice was particularly gripping when the merest echo was picked up from the recording. The neutrality of the sound quality was very strong in the PA-6F's, and showed nothing of the harshness that is common in ported speakers in this price range.

The two most recent center channel speakers that have had time in my system have been NHT's SC-1 and Paradigm's CC-570. Comparing the two speakers is like night and day. I was really displeased with the SC-1, and found it could be easily bested by any competent center channel speaker. Premier Acoustics' PA-6C easily outperformed the SC-1 in volume, bass response and dispersion.

CONCLUSION - Overall, Excellent Buy for the Money Invested

For just under $1000, you can get a complete 5.1 speaker system that consists of two front tower speakers and bookshelf-ready surround and center channel speakers. It's a very good price for what you're getting as surprisingly enough, these speakers sound as good as recognized brands that sell for much more.

This review is from Hometheaterforum.com. It is a glowing review that is well laid out and easy to read. To read the review, click here.

PA-6B Home Theater System

The owners of Premier Acoustic have been in the home theater electronic business for over 20 years. They have taken the best features from many “top of the line” speaker manufacturers that are available in today’s market and created an affordable, sleek and clean sounding speaker line. I really tried to give these speakers a wide range of music and dynamics. I wanted to see how they would handle the really quite passages of Karajan conducting the 9th all the way up to the synth performance of Emerson in Brain Salad Surgery. It didn't matter what I threw at them they handled all the dynamics of the music without coloring it in any way. I have been used to listening to bipolar speakers for a long time but that really didn't seem to matter much as these speakers really gave them a run for their money in overall performance. In many cases I could swear that I was hearing additional bits of music and dialogue that I hadn't heard before.


If you are looking for a good 5.1 speaker system that not only looks great but at the same time delivers on performance this is the speaker system to get. Throw in the fact that the complete system is only $899 or $999 (if you go with the tower mains instead) you are going to have a hard time finding anything that can give you this kind of bang for your buck.

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