M&K Sound S300-R Loudspeaker - Black
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M&K Sound S300-R Loudspeaker - Black

M&K Sound blasts off their new and highly anticipated reference loudspeaker – The S300 SERIES – setting new standards for audio accuracy and resolution. The S300 SERIES offers you the opportunity to hear nuances in your favorite music and movies that you have never heard before.

Gateway to New Dimensions in Sound
The S300 SERIES is an evolution of the renowned S150 loudspeaker built by M&K Sound since 1995. The new reference loudspeaker is based on a larger enclosure and custom designed driver units to play louder than ever before with the accurate and truthful sound reproduction that is the hallmark of M&K Sound. You will simply hear more. The S300 SERIES transports the listener to the soundscape of the recording, introducing holographic sound that lets you hear nuances in music and movies that have never been heard before. This system will let you hear the intricate web of reflections that reach the ears from all directions, providing mental cues regarding the size, shape and construction of the room and the location and movement of the voices and instruments in that room.

Manufactured in Denmark
The S300 SERIES is designed, developed, built and tested in Denmark. The system has been thoroughly analyzed and calibrated by M&K Sound engineers to reach new and higher levels for tonal accuracy and musicality. In order to deliver the highest quality of accurate sound reproduction and at the same time play significantly louder, the S300 SERIES is designed with cutting-edge driver units custom-made by the Danish acoustic pioneers from Scan-Speak to achieve extreme power linearity and ultimate sound quality for control, performance, reliability and continuity.

Room-Filling Power and THX®
The S300 SERIES has the power to fill large living rooms and will place the audience in the sweet spot whether they are seated in the front or in the back. The S300 SERIES exceeds the highest THX standards – THX Ultra2™ – for accurate reproduction of audio sources by bringing the cinematic experience to larger home theaters.

40 Years Experience in Pro Audio
M&K Sound is celebrating 40 years of loudspeaker manufacturing by introducing the next generation of music and home cinema loudspeakers. M&K Sound loudspeakers have been the professional movie sound designer’s favorite choice for four decades and the sound in numerous Hollywood blockbusters such as Star Wars, King Kong and Lord of The Rings has been designed and mixed on the renowned S150 loudspeaker built since 1995. M&K Sound now introduces a new high-end loudspeaker series that refines and scales up the S150 reference speaker.

How do you improve an icon?
“How to improve an audio icon, like the S150? During the past years, sound has reached new dimensions. New audio formats, high definition sound combined with the requirements from our critical professional users, have led us to the all-new state of the art S300 SERIES. The S300 SERIES is built to perfection and in order to ensure our unique high level of quality we have decided to have the whole range manufactured in Denmark. The S300 SERIES is also the first ever M&K Sound product to carry our new reference logo Miller & Kreisel. With the S300 SERIES we’ll introduce the next dimension for the future of home cinema and music systems” says Lars Kragh Jacobsen from M&K Sound.

Destined to become the reference home entertainment speaker system, the S300 offers transparency and neutrality that surpasses far larger, more costly systems. More compact than any monitor capable of rendering such clarity and pinpoint detail, the ultra-smooth S300 ensures unsurpassed, effortless realism even in very large rooms.

While a dedicated left/right mirror-image pair provides optimal imaging for two- channel sources, the use of an identical third speaker for center channel duties guarantees a seamless, consistent sound fi eld in all dimensions.

The S300 is the ultimate demonstration of our dedication to innovation and quality.

Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 22 kHz, ±3dB
impedance: 4 Ohms
Recommended Power: 25 - 500 Watts
Finish: Black Satin
Dimensions (H x W x D): 15.5 x 13.4 x 13.0” / 39.5 x 34.0 x 33.0 cm
Weight: 40.0 lb / 18.2 kg
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