Harman Kardon AVR 3700 7.2-channel AV Receiver
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Harman Kardon
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7.2-channel, wireless, network-connected A/V receiver with AirPlay

The cinephile and audiophile’s dream receiver.

  • Experience audio on an entirely different level thanks to 7.2-channel sound powered at 125 watts per channel
  • Lose yourself in an immersive, high-resolution sound environment with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding.
  • Treat your ears to an abundance of superior sound with the AVR 3700’s Multizone functionality that let’s you simultaneously play two different sound sources in two different zones.

AVR 3700

Are you ready for pure ear euphoria? Engineered with a new, eco-friendly, digital power supply that delivers superior performance without the conventional heavy transformers, the AVR 3700 will fill your home with a mighty 125-watts-per-channel while Dolby® and DTS® processing create a 3D surround-sound experience. Eight HDMI® inputs, including one on the front panel, ensure that you can play virtually any high-definition video source including Blu-ray™ discs, DVDs, HDTV programs and video games. Thanks to AirPlay and Wi-Fi® connectivity, you can retrieve nearly endless flows of music without wires. And the system’s easy to use, because the AVR 3700’s intuitive, high-definition graphical menu, remote control, available mobile app and EzSet/EQ™ calibration simplify operation and setup.


To understand the importance of high-current capability, we first need to know what an amplifier really does in relation to a loudspeaker. An

amplifier provides current (measured as amperes) to a loudspeaker. That’s why it’s called an “amplifier,” and not a “wattifier.” Fluctuations in

current constitute the audio signal. The loudspeaker uses this current to make its cones or domes move the air in the listening space. This

is how we experience sound, and the ability of a speaker to perform properly is directly related to the amount of current provided by an

amplifier. That’s why current is so important.

Amplifier power, expressed in watts, is the product of voltage (volts) and current (amperes): power = voltage x current (watts = volts x amperes).

When looking at amplifier power ratings in watts, it’s impossible to determine how much current the product can generate. Most

manufacturers choose not to publish separate current measurements; however, the high-current capability of Harman Kardon amplifiers

and receivers is readily available. The amplifiers in our products are praised because they’re capable of delivering enough current to drive

even the most demanding loudspeakers, and of handling the most dynamic musical passages or movie soundtracks.

To clarify the importance of current, think of a 12-volt car battery. Now think of eight 1.5-volt AAA batteries. Both options deliver 12 volts,

but which would you choose to start your car? In other words, which would have more current? Or think of two cars with the same horsepower

(watts), but one with more torque. The car with high torque (current) will not lose speed when driving uphill, while the car with low

torque will lose speed and need to use a lower gear to maintain the same speed.


While most amplifiers and receivers struggle to cleanly reproduce the audible frequency spectrum from 20Hz to 20kHz, Harman Kardon

components typically extend to well beyond 100kHz. Although this exceeds the boundaries of human hearing, this broadband response eliminates

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