Atlantic Technology SB-900-BLK Powered Box Subwoofer 8 inch 125 Watt - Black
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The SB-900 and 900DF are the perfect companions for any Home Theater or compact music system and they're an ideal match for an Atlantic soundbar. One big reason is this: In addition to the normal "compressor-limiter" distortion-reduction methods, Atlantic has developed special circuitry that actually eliminates the deleterious effects that the enclosure itself has on the sound. We call this Clear Filter technology, or CFT. That's why other subwoofers, regardless of their power ratings or their limiters, can't match the sound of an Atlantic subwoofer for detail and musical accuracy.

The SB-900DF ("Down-firing") has its woofer on the bottom panel firing down onto the floor, where it can take best advantage of the acoustical phenomenon of "floor coupling" to reinforce its low frequency response and impact. This is particularly advantageous when placing the 900DF's compact cabinet into tight spaces behind furniture where you don't want the woofer facing right into the back of a sofa, for example.

Atlantic Powered Subwoofers

All Atlantic powered subwoofers share their essential design approach and philosophy: Heavy-duty woofers in optimally-sized enclosures, powered by high-current amplifiers.

We've also developed an exclusive feature called Clear Filter Technology (CFT™) that actually reduces the deleterious effects the enclosure itself can have on the sound. All enclosures have dimensionally-dependent resonances. Those resonances can impart a negative 'coloration" to the sound. In subwoofers, this negative effect usually occurs in the upper bass range and can make upper bass/lower midrange sounds like male voices or the upper ranges of bass guitar sound unnaturally heavy or 'thumpy.' This is true even if your subwoofer is "crossed over" in what you think is the low bass region--lower than 80 Hz or so--because crossovers are not absolute. So even if your subwoofer is crossed over at 80 Hz, it is still producing significant output up to about 180-200 Hz. Atlantic's Clear Filter introduces a reciprocal correction in the exact frequency region where these problems occur, resulting in a markedly cleaner, more detailed sound. Every one of our subwoofers has its own Clear Filter, optimized specifically for that particular model.

Our subs utilize an adjustable 18dB per octave Low Pass crossover that allows much better bass integration with the satellite speakers while making the woofer less localizable. Meanwhile, the Phase Invert switch (Normal/Invert) allows precise acoustic matching with satellite speaker systems whose output relative to the subwoofer may be phase reversed. This switch also allows you to compensate for unusual room acoustics that occur when the woofer is physically separated from the main speakers by a significant distance.

Another important feature is automatic standby operation with a multi-color LED status indicator. The automatic standby feature offers signal sensing turn-on with a 7-10 minute turn-off delay. There’s a multi-color LED status indicator that lets you know when the unit is on or in standby. Automatic Standby can be defeated by placing the rear mounted switch in the ON position. Finally, they are all designed and built to meet all current domestic and European safety requirements, making it one of the most sophisticated subwoofers to be produced anywhere.

  • Ported bass-alignment delivers superior low-frequency extension from a compact enclosure
  • High-current amplifier for outstanding headroom and output
  • Atlantic's exclusive CFT (Clear Filter Technology) ensures clean, articulate performance
  • Convenient high- and low-level inputs and outputs
  • Small size and unobtrusive looks make placement easy
  • Powered subwoofer, ported enclosure 1.5-inch, vented aluminum voice coil, vented motor Continuous
  • 40–220Hz Low-Auto signal sensingAbsolute phase invert switchand high (spkr)-level stereo inputs and low- and high-level outputscrossover, 18dB/octave low pass output
  • Model: SB-900
  • Bass Driver: 8” (203mm) long-throw composite cone
  • Output Power: 125W RMS
  • Distortion (amplifier): <0.5%
  • Frequency Response: 32Hz – 250Hz ±3 dB
  • Low Level (line): 10k ohms
  • Peak Output: 103dB SPL into 1500 cubic Feet
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 11 x 13 x 13.125 in.
  • including grille: 279 x 330 x 333mm
  • Weight: 28lbs/12.7kg
  • Power Requirements: 110-120/220-240V, 50/60Hz
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